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Video: Video: United We Stand - Brotherhood of Man

Brotherhood of Man and The New Seekers are among a handful of 70s pop-folk artists who were very effective in utilizing full choral harmonies in their sound to evoke the sense of togetherness and oneness characteristic of the era. This is United We Stand by Euro-pop group Brotherhood of Man, who ran the top of the British pop charts several times from 1970 to 1976, but only achieved American radio play with this LP. Frankly, this song just melts me. It's corny, it's idealistic, it's lyrics are simple but it's melodies are gorgeous, and the original members here (Tony Hillard, Tony Burrows, Sunny Leslie and Sue Glover) are earnest and true in their presentation. Like most choral pop groups, the band would endure an endless shuffle of members, and by 1976 none of the original four remained, but the innocence, optimism and sweetness of this track always will.
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United We Stand - Brotherhood of Man